Join the Conscious Consumer Movement

MenuMania is excited about Conscious Consumers, which welcomes consumers, cafes and businesses that supply cafes to join the conscious consumer movement.

Conscious Consumers is an amazing tool for the cafe/coffee loving community in key centres of New Zealand.

Good info on both environmental & social aspects of products & services can be tricky for consumers to locate. Similarly, small businesses like cafes need clear support that makes it easier for them to reduce any environmental/social impacts of their business practices. This project aims to:

  • Encourage and support cafes to adopt more environmentally and socially conscious business practices
  • Empower consumers to make more informed purchasing choices.

The project promotes nine practices which make good business sense, respect people and the environment and reflect current ‘conscious’ consumer preferences. These practices are:

The project has developed a guide for cafes which details the value in and how to adopt each of these practices. Cafes are able to earn a badge for each practice, which is displayed to consumers instore. Check it out on

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