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1_half star rating
10 reviews

Cuisine: Breakfast, Burgers, Sandwiches, Family

382 Moorhouse Ave
Christchurch Central
Christchurch City
03-365 5535

Denny’s Restaurant – Christchurch

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10 Reviews for Denny’s

4th August 2013
1 star rating
The worst dining experience I have had since the 13 years ago I was last there. Dirty to start with. Staff about as interested as a a brain dead chicken. Went for lunch on a half full lunch hour there and waited 30 minutes for our lunch. Menus were dirty and greasy to touch while we ordered. I ordered vegetarian breakfast. Very greasy and poorly presented to the point that it was almost inedible. The other meals in our dining group were about the same standard. Even the dockets they left to pay the bill had big grease stains on them. Although I know it is a budget restaurant this was some kind of joke surely??? Save your money folks and go somewhere else. Worst meal I have had!!

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28th July 2013
1 star rating
This place is the worst dining experience I have ever had. The place is so terribly kept and the table was covered in sugar and not cleaned before I was seated. The service is also imbalanced. One waiter was superb and then another waiter was an absolute useless sack of potatoes. My food was absolutely rubbish. The beef was overcooked and my fries were burnt. Do not recommend it to anyone. Do not attend.

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10th July 2013
3 star rating
Had Chicken Fajita. It was well cooked (but could have been more well presented) – the chicken filling was cooked and the fajita bread was rolled up empty and placed on top. Also had a dessert – apple pie which hit the spot. Denny’s is a little expensive for the type of food being served – is very basic “diner” style food, but the staff were very attentive.

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2nd May 2013
5 star rating
Would totally dine here again.

I have always liked Dennys for the fact it’s cheap, easy and you can pick reflectively healthy options on the menu rather than some fat riddled burger from MCDonalds. Dennys customer service was pretty good except from an indian man that took our plates away from us when we had barely finished….but apart from that it was pretty good!! GO DENNYS!!!

Visited April 2013

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12th December 2012
1 star rating
On the 23rd November I thought I would take my Lady out for dinner. I chose Denny’s as I was impressed with their service and food from their restaurants overseas.
Well we waited a while to be noticed and was the greeted and taken to a table. We then ordered our drinks and then our meal. The wine arrived and I noticed that the glass was dirty. When the young lad appreciated I showed him and asked him not to put the wine into a clean glass but change the glass and wine. He snapped at me asked me if I though that he was stupid. Anyway when the food arrived my meat was so badly overcooked I could no eat it. My partner’s food was not nice and she left half of it. Well pudding at that point was out of the question. We went to pay and it took nine minutes to pay as the woman at the till was so useless at her job. I must say this is the worst place I have eaten at in Christchurch and will never go back. It is sad to say the the service and food at MacDonalds is a million times better that Denny’s Restaurant. Shame on you Dennys for your bad service and bad food.

Visited November 2012

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28th September 2012
4 star rating
My family’s experience here was a.o.k. I found the service here great and so was the food. We only ordered dessert for our child (she’s a very fussy eater so we can only usually find her something on the dessert menu) and the staff had enough initiative to bring it out with our mains without me telling them too as I forgot – well done! Most restaurants if I don’t tell them, they don’t. I would dine here again.

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4th July 2012
1 star rating
After a very long & busy day & night last Saturday my husband & I being quite hungry decided to go to your restaurant for a bite to eat, I ordered a shrimp cocktail & a surf ‘n’ turf for my main, we were both very disappointed not only in our disgusting meals but also the service, the whole thing was an absolute waste of our time and money and we will not be eating there again and will be letting people know of the service or lack of we experienced while there.

Visited June 2012

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20th December 2011
1 star rating
Possibly the worst food in all of Christchurch! Such a shame too as I believe there is only one 24-hour restaurant in Christchurch – this one! With a run, skip and hop across the road from the movies it would be so convenient if this restaurant was good, but unfortunately it wasn’t very good on my last visit! I went there a while ago admittedly, last year in fact, and haven’t been back since. But thought it was still worth writing a comment as I feel it’s important to warn future customers. I used to go there many years ago (more or less straight after they launched the branch in Christchurch) on Friday and Saturday nights and it was great! The food was consistently good and reasonably priced. Then after returning to the city from a few years away overseas, it was instantly noticeable that the restaurant had really gone downhill in a BIG way! The food was very bland and not very fresh, almost tasteless. The menu still had food particles left on it from the service before. The waitress was ok but wasn’t exactly full of life or seemingly happy to be there. I was particularly embarrassed as I had bought some of my overseas friends with me after initially telling them about the place! Everyone was noticeably disappointed. When I got up to pay and complained about my meal there was literally an argument at the counter about my perception of what I termed as being ‘bad food’, and they reluctantly applied a discount to my food bill. I have never been back since. I would really like to know if this place has improved since – if anyone feels to comment about their recent adventures to this restaurant I’d like to hear from you.

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22nd November 2010
3 star rating
I was disapointed to find that the menu has been changed and there’s no spare ribs anymore. They were my favourite!

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20th August 2010
2 star rating
I had the Apricot Chicken, which I have had at Denny’s once before and it was nice on that occasion. However, the other night it was very dry indeed and not an enjoyable meal. Also, the vegetables weren’t very exciting.

I wouldn’t go there again in a hurry.

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