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2_half star rating
13 reviews

Cuisine: Mexican, Fast Food

166 Ponsonby Rd
Auckland City
09-360 0076


  • Mon – Sun 11.30am – 10.00pm

Taqueria was started with a simple idea – a place where people would get fast clean good Mexican food in a comfortable, light environment. We want Taqueria Tacos & Burritos to be part of the neighborhood.
Cafe and Takeaway. Mexican Hot Food.

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13 Reviews for Taqueria

14th March 2014
2 star rating
I love Mexican food so recently sampled a ‘burrito’ and found it bland and rather unappetizing. The whole place looks shabby and not particularly clean. The staff also appear completely disinterested. The fact that it is empty most of the time says a lot.

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1st September 2013
1 star rating
I have never written a review in my life but this place was so bad that I just had to write this. If I could give no stars I would. I went in to order lunch for my family and asked if they had a bathroom. The guys took me through the kitchen to an outside toilet which was absolutely disgusting – I mean pubic hair, shit all down the side of the toilet – I swear it had not been cleaned for months and months! here was no soap . I didn’t end up going and held on. This disgusting site made be look around the kitchen when I walked back through and I was horrified. Then when I got back to the counter and he was rolling my buritto I noticed no soap in the dispenser behind the counter. That was it _ I told him he needed to clean the toilet and that I would be reporting the store to the Food regs. To think there was no soap, a filthy toilet and then see him roll Burittos _ it nearly made me sick. We walked out without paying and went next door.

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Gabe L.


26th August 2013
1 star rating
Terrible, terrible impersonation of food. Almost as bad as the staffs impersonation of a chef. Both are utter rubbish, the guy should do the world a favour and stick to pushing trolleys at countdown, that is probably his only talent in this life.

Visited October 2012

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28th March 2012
3 star rating
I was convinced to go into this place by my partner as we walked past hungry. Looking in, it did nothing for me especially with all the choice in the area. However my pork burrito was fresh, tasty and rather large.

Won’t rush back but it was ok.

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5th December 2011
1 star rating
Site says open Mondays… wasn’t open at 12 noon…. stink!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we were looking looking forward to a bit of Mexican for lunch……. perhaps they should update their listing here on Menu Maina…..

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28th October 2011
1 star rating

Ordered a chicken burrito, got about 5 grains of rice on it and hardly any chicken.
My friend got the vegetarian burrito, they put the tiniest bit of onion on it, realised it was “too much” and took some off again and put one sliver of pepper on.

Not too keen on spending $13 on a flavourless, cold, empty wrap.


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20th June 2011
4 star rating
Ate here twice in just a few days after discovering the place…YUM! Taco’s are super tasty and fresh – quite authentic tasting…Service was great – no complaints at all! Definitely recommend! :-)

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14th August 2010
3 star rating
Not good but not bad either. Just a middle of the line Mexican place. The food is OK. Good place for a quick bite to eat.

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19th October 2011
4 star rating
Every time I’m in Ponsonby, this is the first place I stop at to get my Mexican on. They have a great selection of ingredients to choose from (both soft and hard shells) and is a complete flavour explosion in your mouth.

The only gripe I have is usually you have to buy more than one to be completely satisfied, but who cares right? It’s Ponsonby and pricey and that’s why we love it!

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15th February 2010
1 star rating
Looks like a hip mexican takeaway place but food was forgetful. Got a steak taco with crispy corn one Fri evening to eat-in; it was pricy and the flavour was nondescript. Not somewhere I’ll try again, better value for money elsewhere definitely. Can’t understand how they survived; probably from late-night drunken munchers.

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14th January 2010
5 star rating
Food was average, guy that rides fixed gear working that night… above average.

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14th December 2009
2 star rating
I’ve never considered Mexican food hard to do. The ingredients (at least on the taco/burrito level) are simple, as are the cooking processes.

Why then does this place churn out such tasteless food?

I want to like it so bad, but everything I’ve had lacks flavor. The meats are under-seasoned, there’s no cilantro or lime anywhere and the salsas add heat instead of actual flavor. The roasted red pepper salsa only tastes of heat. There’s no roasted anything flavor in it.

I’d understand if this was a country where some of the ingredients were hard to come by, but that’s not the case.

I hope they step it up so that by the time I forget how forgettable the food is and return I’m pleasantly surprised.

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4th March 2009
3 star rating
This place can be really tasty! Its a bit on the just above average price, and sometimes you will get one person who will give you lots of toppings and then next time one who gives not so much, but really yummy and worth a visit if your in a Mexican food mood!

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